Georgia-based real estate entrepreneur and businessman, Olaitan Olatoye Olalekan has launched a new real estate development and listings agency in Nigeria called Olla Realtor LTD.

The company which has a presence in four continents including Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and America is built on a business model that is client-focused, incorporating great building techniques, fresh designs, and forward-thinking IT innovations. Established in 2019 by realtor Olaitan Olalekan with the three divisions including Construction & Development, Home Design, and Real Estate, the firm provides Strategic Marketing and Transaction Management services to their clients across many markets.

With the support of a strong, dedicated team of real estate professionals, Olla Realtor LTD has built a reputation for providing excellent customer service while maintaining a friendly customer focus. Their client base, includes many people who have used their services two, three, and more times.

According to its website, Olla Realtor has undertaken and completed over 120 housing projects across the world and is set to undertake more projects across Africa in a bid to further its mission of providing Quality houses at a reasonable price.

“Selling a home takes time, thus owners planning to get rid of the property fast may become discouraged. Olla Realtors LTD offers an alternative to the traditional route of selling a home. We offer creative solutions and purchase homes in any condition and situation, including homes that are fire or hurricane-damaged and those that are in pre-foreclosure.

The entire process can be accomplished in a matter of days, as opposed to weeks or months if listed with a realtor or as for sale by owner, so give us a call today,” Olaitan Olatoye Olalekan, CEO of Olla Realtor LTD recommends.

“We’re excited to open our new service in Nigeria’s fastest-growing metropolitan area. It will enable us to provide our level of service to even more clients,” Olaitan Olatoye Olalekan continues.

The new website Here lists out available homes for sale across the world and provides guides and information on how to sell your home to Olla Realtor LTD. Also, if you want Olla Realtor to handle the development of your home, the process is outlined on the web platform.


Written by SplashDict and Published on The Nation News. 

Olla Realtor LTD’ expands across Nigeria - The Nation