Precious Egemasi, is a Nigerian entrepreneur and businessman contributing positively to reshape the music industry and the real estate sector. He is the co-founder of “Anonymous Music” and Manager at Patrick Egamasi & Sons Limited.

Egemasi, 24, who hails from Imo state, the southern region of Nigeria grew up in Lagos as a successful entrepreneur taking risks to be the lead in the business world.

While some people have the germ of entrepreneurship from a very young age, thereby taking the risk to set up businesses, Egemasi has scaled through the obstacles to succeed as an entrepreneur at his age.

He researched ways to have a steady income and started making money online with Affiliate marketing and Forex Trading when he was 19 years old. Eventually, this decision led him to success.

Since then, Precious has had multiple streams of income and work experiences in Music Industry, Real Estate Firm, Online Marketing, and Blockchain enterprises.

His major rise came after his music company “Anonymous Music” successfully broke a new artist into the Nigerian Music industry – Badboy TIMZ.

Being the co-founder, Precious worked in full A&R capacity and the label has earned over 200,000,000 streams and downloads across all Music outlets.

With Precious Egemasi leading the company, Anonymous Music has been dominant and has been a dream for young artists to get signed on to in recent years.

He is well familiar with the overall structure of the African Music industry in general.

An avid traveler, Precious Egemasi has visited over 30 countries in the past years across Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. He’s completing a degree in Poland.

Precious currently serves as a Manager in his Family-owned real estate company “Patrick Egemasi & Sons Limited” leading the company with Digital innovations in the Real Estate business.

He also invests in startups across Africa ranging from Healthcare to Cryptocurrency and Finance.



Written by SplashDict and Published on Guardian News

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