Policy Documents Writing Support

Policy Documents Writing Support

Don’t let your organisation be held back by poorly written policies and procedures

Policies and procedures should be one the first places managers and staff go to when they have any doubts about what they should do.

The problem is, people often find it hard to write them well. It’s one of those tasks that often doesn’t seem like a priority, when you’ve got so many other things to do.

Poor or missing policies and procedures are some of the main reasons why staff find themselves stuck, wasting time or making mistakes. Sometimes, they have to deal with contradictory information. They can also find it hard to find the right advice quickly.

Your policies and procedures will also come under the spotlight if things go seriously wrong.

Policy and Procedure Writing can take different shapes and sizes depending on your needs. We can review your existing documents and write new ones.


Policy and Procedure Writing Services – Process

  1. Clients will either provide a list of policies to be written or copies of the policies to be reviewed and amended.
  2. Policy Pros will send a written quote.
  3. If the quote is accepted, Policy Pros will agree on the delivery date. We will advise the client of any payment necessary upfront. 50% payment is required upfront for jobs over £200.
  4. Policy Pros will deliver the policies to the client by the agreed date.
  5. Payment should be made to Policy Pros within five working days.
  6. Clients can request amendments to the policies within 14 working days of receipt of the documents. These will be completed free of charge. Changes to legislation or regional guidance since policy delivery will not be included in amendments.

Please Note

Unfortunately, we are unable to give advice on which policies you require. However, a  client can choose to take our consultation service. The policies a business or organisation requires are dependent on several factors. These factors include which area the business operates in, and the size of the business. Also, it can be dependent on the regulatory body. Please refer to your regional or national regulatory bodies for advice.

However, if your business is not regulated, you may wish to assess what similar businesses to yours offer.

Policy Library

Policy Pros have a vast library of policies we can offer which can be found here.

Consultation for Policy and Writing Services

Consultation services include advising clients on the policies their business requires. For example, we work with clients to write and implement risk assessments, procedures or processes. GDPR consultation or specialist business analyst services from Project Analysis (our parent company).

Consultation services are priced at £45 per hour plus VAT.

About Us

We are part of Project Analysis UK. At this time, we only price in ranges on the website. This is because documentation can take different shapes and sizes depending on your organisation.

We urge you to contact us via the enquiry form so we can initially produce a no-obligation estimate. Secondly, If you are happy with this, we will gather further requirements and produce a full formal quote. We won’t pester you or spam you with automated emails after sending a quote!

Standard Policy and Procedure Writing

We have a number of policies and procedures that are written by us and not copyrighted. As a result, we can use these standard templates with slight adaptions to include the specifics of your organisation.

To see the policies and procedures that are available in a standard format, please click the plus icon on the tables in the Policy List categories.

From £45 per policy.

Custom Policy and Procedure Writing

For these documents, we will consult with your organisation to write custom sections that are very specific to the company. Specifically, these are areas that can’t be covered by generic statements.

Typically, for custom policies and procedures we will communicate by phone, email and video calls for the requirements gathering.

From £50 per policy.

Document Reviewing Services

Are you concerned your policies, procedures or contracts are out of date or need an impartial review? We offer many tailored services to our clients to make sure their documentation is up to date. Also, they read well to their intended audience. Drop us a line with your requirements, and we will provide you with a list of options and no obligation quotation.

£45 per hour.

What is a policy?

Policies are predetermined, prescribed actions or rules established to guide employees toward the company’s stated objectives and strategies. Policies state who, what, and why.  Policies are derived from and serve the Company’s missions and its objectives. A policy lays out what management wants employees to do and explains why it’s important. Good policies enhance the company’s ability to attain organizational objectives. Bad policies hinder that ability.

Generally, for each policy, define –

•   What is the policy objective?

•   What does the policy apply to?

•   Who is bound by the policy?

•   What happens if the policy is violated?

•   What are the benefits of adhering to the policy?

•   What are the consequences of a policy lapse or violation?

When an employee reads a policy manual, you want them to come away with the following:

1. “I understand exactly what is expected of me and why.”

2. “I understand now why we do things and why it’s important to adhere to the prescribed processes.”

3. “I understand now how a breach of policy adversely affects the company or its clients.”

4. “I understand the consequences of failing to follow policy.”

5. “I understand now how policies enable the company to function efficiently and how policies enable all employees to be on the same page, increase productivity and minimize conflict and confusion.”


Any business, big or small, should have a portfolio of policies in place to ensure that there are a set of rules and standards employees witihin the business (at all levels) understand, will follow, will adhere to and respect during their employment.

Having robust policies in place not only demonstrates and ensures there is a prescribed structure as to how your business operates but also protects the interests of the business.

If you are a company that is involved in responding to tender opportunities (completing PQQs and ITTs) then you will be expected to demonstrate that you have a suite of standard policieis and procedures in place which include:

  • Health and safety
  • Anti slavery
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Environmental
  • Quality
  • Contractor selection and management
  • IT
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP) / Disaster Reccovery (DR)
  • Social Media
  • Fleet Management / Company car
  • Drug and Alcohol
  • Corporate and Social Responsibibility (CSR)
  • Whistelblowing

How Boomerang Consultancy can help with your policies and procedures

  • New policies and procedures can be written for your business
  • If you already have policies and procedures a review and gap analysis can be undertaken by Boomerang to identify;
    • If they are fit for purpose
    • If they have been correctly embedded into your business
    • If they are up to date and include the most recent pieces of legislation (ensure version controls and document owners in place)
    • If any policies and procedures are missing
  • Boomerang Consultancy can be retained to develop, write and maintain your policies and procedures on a monthly basis for a fixed fee
  • Generic documentation can be quickly written for your business should the need arise

Custom Policy and Procedure Writing

For these documents, we will consult with your organisation to write custom sections that are very specific to the company. Specifically, these are areas that can’t be covered by generic statements.

Typically, for custom policies and procedures we will communicate by phone, email and video calls for the requirements gathering.


Document Reviewing Services

Are you concerned your policies, procedures or contracts are out of date or need an impartial review? We offer many tailored services to our clients to make sure their documentation is up to date. Also, that they read well for their intended audience. Drop us a line with your requirements and we will provide you with a list of options and no obligation quotation.



Every company requires policies and procedures, usually in the form of policy manuals. They are clearly laid out to employees so that they completely understand them, and that their performance meets regulatory standards. Your company's policy manual is the go-to documentation that outlines how your business functions. Part of this includes the codes of conduct expected of its employees across operational divisions.
Our team of technical writers include people who have exclusively dedicated themselves to putting together informative, concise, and easy-to-read policy manuals. They draft documents that will allow your employees to carry out their jobs per your organization's requirements. Having to constantly train and remind employees what is expected of them is costly and a waste of time.

Why do You Need a Policy Manual?

A policy manual written by an articulate, experienced technical writer will ensure that your employees know what is expected of them. This allows all functions, at both the employee and managerial level, to be carried out according to code. Your company's policy manuals should properly communicate the regulations and functions of your company to investors, employees, creditors, and regulators.
Ask yourself the following questions. If your answers aren’t clear, it might be time to hire a professional technical writer to help you streamline your policy content.
  1. Are your policy and procedures documents easy to understand?
  2. Are objectives and issues clearly identified?
  3. Are the rights and responsibilities of employees and management difficult to discern, or ambiguously stated?
  4. Is the tone of the content consistent throughout?
  5. Does the focus, or general message, drift?
  6. Is the documentation up-to-date?
  7. Do the documents encourage solidarity and a recognizable and translatable organizational culture?

Get Professional Help for the Sake of Your Business

You know your business better than anybody else. But a qualified, experienced, and articulate technical writer will help you put that expertise into words. We’ll help you make sure your policies are readily understood and easily digested by the people important to your company's success.
Contact The Write Direction today and see how hiring a technical writer for your policy manual writing can have a profound trickle down effect on your corporate culture, and employee engagement.

The types of content we create or update

HR policies and procedures

  • Equality
  • Diversity
  • Anti-bribery
  • Maternity
  • Recruitment and staff induction
  • Staff handbook

Health and Safety policies and procedures

Supply Chain and procurement

  • Roles, responsibilities & authority
  • Preparation for procurement
  • Selecting the right procurement procedure and contract
  • Supplier selection
  • Negotiation
  • Award of contract
  • Management of the procurement
  • Close out and learning

Sales and marketing policies and procedures

  • Brand marketing
  • Customer acquisition
  • Sales team training and on-boarding
  • Customer credit finance approval

Finance policies and procedures

  • Accounting standards
  • Fixed assets
  • Tax
  • Treasury & cash management
  • Funding
  • Travel & Expenses
  • Cash and debt
  • Hedging
  • Cost control
  • Capitalisation
  • Projects (including DevEx and CapEx)
  • Payroll
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Inter-Company charges

Operating procedures

  • Complaints handling

IT security and data privacy procedures

  • Policies that ensure you conform to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Anti-virus
  • email and Social Media
  • Information Governance
  • Risk register
  • Malware prevention and detection policy
  • Removable media policy
  • Systems updates procedure
  • User access permissions policy
  • Disaster Recovery plan
  • Business Continuity plan
  • Monitoring and response policy
  • Home and mobile working policy
  • Controlled document procedure
  • Cyber Security Events and Incidents procedure

What we don't do

We can’t tell you how to run your own business.
We are also not experts in legislation.
For those reasons, we do not sell boilerplate templates for ISO 9000, staff handbooks etc.
We do have a number of policies that we have written in the past, which we may be able to adapt and repurpose for your situation. However, you need to know what you want your policies and procedures to be.
Our skills are in communicating the knowledge of you and your staff.

How we work with you

You’re unique, and your polices and procedures will be different from anyone else’s. However, there is a proven framework for writing policies and procedures. Here’s a short summary for you.

1. Agree the scope of the work

Although there’s a lot of similarities between projects, each client is unique.

We start by understanding what needs to be done (how much content we’re talking about), the target audience, and other factors that affect the scope of the work. Where possible, we agree the costs upfront – to avoid any nasty surprises for you.

2. Agree a project start date, and the project begins

We’ll start work on looking at any existing content, developing the content structure, and defining a template. This means the final result will be consistent, and the work will be done efficiently.

3. Interview the Subject Matter Experts

A key objective is to convert the knowledge that’s in people’s heads into policies and procedures.

That normally involves talking to the “Subject Matter Experts” and getting a “brain dump” from them in a quick and efficient way.

That can often be done via a short Teams or Zoom call.

During this stage, our writers are checking to see if it’s clear:

  • Who should be doing a task
  • How a task is carried out
  • What happens next (for example, are there any handover issues)
  • How the policy or procedure will be checked for compliance

4. Write 1st draft

We write the first draft of the policies and procedures, using plain English principles. Plain English is a way of writing clearly, concisely and unambiguously. It means presenting ideas and information in a way that’s easy for your audience to read and understand.

In addition to the writing, we also continue the work on organising the content. This is so that is in the best structure for people to find information when they need it.

We’ll send that draft out for review.

5. Second draft

We amend the content in response to the feedback we’ve received.

6.  It’s ready for delivery

We hand over the final version for you and your team to use.

Sometimes, we produce the content as online pages. In other cases, we produce the policies and procedures as Word or PDF documents.

The result is better, clearer, more findable guidance for you and your team.

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