Virtual Event Management Services

We will partner with you to build and execute a virtual event that resonates with your audience, generates leads, and keeps costs down.

Virtual events can be extremely valuable in helping you grow your brand, build quality email lists, and position you, your team, and your brand as an industry authority. Nailing the execution of a virtual event is not easy, especially if you do not have prior experience planning such events. 


The phases of our virtual event management:

  • Pre-event logistics and marketing: Our virtual event specialists will set up the registration process, promote the event, manage registrant lists, and send reminders.
  • Manage the live event: We’ll set up the technology, manage the logistics, and can emcee the event itself. We’ll also live-stream it on social channels to expand your reach.
  • Post-event: We’ll send follow-up emails to attendees, distribute the recording, and more to maximize the event’s impact.

When you work with us, you get access to a team of marketing strategists who can create a comprehensive marketing plan around the event to maximize leads for your sales teams and boost ROI.

Our Virtual Event Management Strategy

Video is quickly becoming the cornerstone of any communications strategy. Whether hosting a sales conference, hyping a product launch, or engaging end-users with industry trends and topics, video is the medium of choice in the virtual realm.

And when your live event moves to a virtual format, delivering a professional, hiccup-free event is a new and unknown challenge. Enable a successful experience with SplashDict's virtual event management services.

We deploy Virtual Event Management strategy to ensure that your event stands out and you are able to deliver beyond the expectations of attendees, sponsors, and partners.

    • Choosing an engaging virtual event idea: We assist with engaging ideas that meet the basic needs and aspirations of the target audience.
    • Decide upon the most effective format: One of the advantages of virtual events is that you have the option of pre-recording your content ahead of time or presenting it live.
    • Connect with sponsors and exhibitors: Virtual events offer interesting ways to sell sponsorship and help sponsors create brand awareness and lead generation. 


Promote your virtual Event on multiple platforms

SplashDict explores multiple platforms for virtual event promotion. They include email, social media, direct mail, PR articles, and others. Some of these are highlighted below:

  • Email promotions
  • Social media
  • Direct mail
  • PR articles 
Virtual Event Management Services

The Benefits of Virtual Events

Virtual events bring a new dimension to how conferences and events are experienced, and this comes with many benefits for conference organizers, attendees, and partners alike. Here are some of the benefits of virtual events:

  • Cost-effective: Virtual events eliminate the cost of rentals, catering, and travel for speakers and the event team. This brings the cost of organizing the event down significantly, meaning you can organize more events with a lower budget. On the part of the attendees, it eliminates the cost of long-distance travel.
  • Broader audience: Another notable benefit of organizing virtual events is increased audience reach. Events that were previously domiciled in certain physical locations are now gaining acceptance with a wider audience, and this means an increase in ROI.
  • Virtual events can attract new supporters: With the possibility of marketing your event to new areas, your virtual event can attract new sponsors and partners who will become long-term partners.

Overall, virtual events are easier to manage, and you can record higher profit margins with extended audience and partner reach.

Our Virtual Event Management Services

Enable a successful experience with SplashDict's virtual event management services.

Webcasts / Webinars

Reliable webcasts for promotional or educational events.

  • Customizable and fully brandable virtual webcasts and webinars.
  • Managed registration and login
  • Engagement options: Q&A, survey, chat, social media, and more
  • We handle the behind-the-scenes details and take the stress off your plate

Virtual conferences

Breakout rooms, keynotes, panels, sponsorship opportunities, and more.

We take your vision for hosting a virtual conference and bring it to life online. No matter how complex your agenda is, we produce a smooth, engaging experience.

  • Fully branded virtual conferences for large groups.
  • Fully managed plenary, general sessions, breakout rooms, keynotes, panels, virtual networking, and more.
  • Live tech support for attendees
  • Managed registration and login
  • Audience engagement e.g; Q&A, survey, chat, social media, and more
  • We handle all the behind-the-scenes details

Internal events

Professional results for high-stakes internal or executive meetings.


Here are some useful answers to frequently asked questions and general information people seek about virtual event management:

Virtual events replicate the experience of an in-person event in an online setup. These allow you to attend or host a global conference, trade shows, or product launches virtually, using a mobile or a laptop and a steady internet connection. 

Due to the growing sophistication of virtual event management solutions, online events provide the near-same experience of a physical event, such as networking, breakout sessions, and sponsorship opportunities. 

Both small and large organizations can host virtual events. The events can be for small groups of 10 – 50 and they can also be as large as hosting several thousands of attendees. 

Virtual events can be learning-oriented, networking-oriented, or a combination of the two. Whatever shape your event takes, you can also have trivia, fireside chats, sponsored demos, virtual happy hour, virtual concerts, and more.

Business intelligence’s main function is to serve as the analytical side of business decisions. While gut feelings and experience certainly play a role in business, hard data and statistics can play just as important, if not more important, a role. Business intelligence is a collection of data across multiple facets put into one place. This helps decisions be made more easily.

There are a number of issues business intelligence can solve. By combining analytics and data, one can improve performance management, improve business organization, and improve overall market response.

You can also bring multiple analytics tools together and put them in one easy spot instead of trying to analyze reports separately. Business intelligence makes it easy to create and read reports, limiting your dependence on a tech team.

Truth be told, there is not a clear line to differentiate the two. They are both connected through their common goal to resolve business issues, examine data, and assist in future decisions. The one key difference that many point out is analytics focuses on predictive measurements while business intelligence focuses on present and historical data.

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