Kayset has had a superb run in 2021, with his singles Dorime and Nwanne enjoying massive spins across digital music stores and terrestrial radio since releases. The icing on the cake for the fast-rising singer was him performing on the same stage with Grammy award winner, Wizkid.

After spending the year rounding up all the streams, accolades, sold-out shows, awards, endorsements, Africa’s most prominent act, Wizkid, returned to Warri on December 18, and Kayset was one of the opening acts.


Selling out the 40,000 seater capacity venue of the Warri township stadium will be the first time Wizkid will perform at a stadium in Warri. After the performances, they met backstage; Wizkid declared love for his music and initiated talks of a possible collaboration in 2022.

Emmanuel Patrick, known as Kayset made his entrance into the industry with the release of Jeje in 2019. His latest release, Dorime, was tagged the perfect song for 'Detty December'.

Before now, Kayset has performed across other parts of Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, Kenya, and a few other west African countries.


About Kayset:

Emmanuel Patrick (born April 4, 1997), known by his stage name KAYSET, is an Independent Nigerian singer and songwriter. Kayset made his first major move in the Nigerian Music Industry by releasing “JEJE” in 2019, then “NWANNE” Featuring Yovi in 2021. He holds a bachelor's degree in Botany from the University of Calabar.




Written by SplashDict and Published on Legit News.