Advertising Campaign Management

SplashDict offers Advertising Campaign Management services through ad creation and ongoing, hands-on monitoring, tracking, and management of campaigns across multiple platforms.

Advertising Campaign Management

SplashDict's expert team can take your message to the market across digital channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google Search page, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, and TikTok.

Whether you’re growing your brand, seeking new customers,  or driving engagement, we’ll come up with the right advertising plan to suit your needs and execute it with speed and accuracy.

Whatever your business model – we can optimize your online media budget to perform at its fullest potential across the online media channels that work most effectively at delivering results.

Benefits of Outsourcing your
Advertising Campaign Management to SplashDict

Generate leads & sales

Generate interest for your services or products through social adverts built to provide conversions for your business.

Build engagement

Need to get a message across? Whether it be for an event, a special offer or to simply create interest to a specific targeted audience.

Exceed expectations

We try our very hardest to achieve your desired results and then some!

Focus on your core business

When you outsource your marketing and advertising tasks, you can focus on your core business. This means you can spend more time developing your products and services, finding new customers, and growing your business.

Get access to experts

When you outsource your advertising tasks, you can get access to experts. This can be especially helpful if you don't have the in-house expertise to handle these tasks yourself. Our experts can provide the skills and knowledge you need to get the results you want.

Increase website traffic:

Increase traffic to your website specifically from an audience that will have an interest in what you have to offer.

Increase followers

Invest in your brand and build credibility through social adverts that are strategically setup to increase your following.

Always testing

In order for us to get the best possible results out of the campaigns and ads we launch, our company policy continually pushes us to be testing and experimenting. This allows us to constantly optimize your online marketing strategy.

Save on labor costs

Outsourcing can help you save on labor costs. You don't have to hire full-time employees to handle your marketing and advertising tasks. This can be significant savings for your business.

Get started quickly

When you outsource your marketing and advertising tasks, you can get started quickly. You don't have to spend time setting up a marketing and advertising department. You can simply start working with our experts to get the results you need.


Access a full suite of professional Advertising Campaign Management solutions tailored to best suit your needs:

Google Ads Management Services

Reach your small business advertising goals with the help of a professional Google Ads manager.

SplashDict provides full-service Google Ads management that consistently outperforms the industry average. Each of our account managers is certified in several Google Ad specializations. 

We bid for the best rate to generate the best result. We also deliver adverts on targeted and specific blogs and websites with high traffic and related audience. Your ads can show in Google Search results, Gmail, YouTube, and on other sites in the Google Display network. 

Depending on your budget and goals, we can promote your products and services across Google Search, YouTube, and other sites on the web.

We offer Google Ads Management Services for; Search Ads, Remarketing Ads, Display Ads, Shopping Ads, Video Ads on YouTube.

Ads can appear near Google Search results and other Google sites when people search for terms that are relevant to your keywords. Businesses of any size can utilize and benefit from search ads.

Our approach to Google search advertising is a light different. We are data-driven, precise and 100 percent transparent. We manage the full process for you including extensive keyphrase research, competitor analysis, ongoing management, testing, and reporting. 

Video ads are the most appealing type of advertising asset. It is a great way to make a genuine connection with potential customers. SplashDict can provide everything your business needs to advertise on YouTube, from building your campaigns to creating your ads.

YouTube is the second largest search engine, second only to Google, with over 2 billion monthly active users. Ads on YouTube appear before and during other YouTube videos or as a stand-alone promoted video that's displayed after performing a search.

With the display advertising program, your ads will be presented to different websites and blogs. It is a great method to reach people who are interested in the services you provide.

We build more engagement, brand value, recognition, and growth with the display advertising. We utilize the latest techniques, remarketing tools and Google analytics to do display advertising in an excellent way.

Google Shopping Ads are imperative for online retail marketing business. We will help you set up, manage and optimize your shopping campaigns and product listing ads to promote your inventory.

We promote your products by optimizing & organizing your product stock listing, and shopping campaigns by targeting correct keywords.

Social Media Advertising Service

Social media advertising can be a daunting task, especially if you do not have the expertise, knowledge, and skills required to support the development, implementation, monitoring, and optimization of paid social media advertising campaigns.

Looking for a reputable social media advertising agency to manage your social ads?

SplashDict is your partner in navigating this complicated, ever-changing social media landscape. We assist local businesses, multi-location companies, enterprises, and franchises with their social media advertising needs.

We can help you set up and manage your ads on popular social media networks including; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Let Experts Run Your Facebook Advertising Campaign. From creating your strategy and ad creatives to launching your ads and monitoring their performance, SplashDict provides an all-in-one solution to Facebook advertising.

Capture users’ attention on their Instagram news feed with engaging social media advertisements. SplashDict can also help you advertise on Instagram through the Facebook Ads Manager. Instagram has over 1 billion monthly users globally.

Connect with your target audience either through Twitter ads.  SplashDict can help you achieve the following goals with Twitter; Awareness, Tweet engagement, Follows, Website clicks, App downloads, etc.

If you want to create engaging experiences for the mobile generation, then you need to advertise on Snapchat. With 166 million daily active users, over 50% of which are aged 25 and older, Snapchat provides one of the best ways to reach individuals age 13 to 34 on their mobile devices.

Use LinkedIn advertising to reach decision-makers and professionals. At SplashDict, we'll provide you with the LinkedIn advertising creation and strategic approach that you need. Our team of driven and qualified marketing experts will help create the optimal marketing strategy for your business.

Target consumers who are actively looking for Pins relevant to the products and services that you offer. Our Pinterest Ads management includes strategy, set up, and ongoing optimisation, which is perfect for those that are looking to expand their PPC marketing portfolio.


Email marketing is all about establishing long-term relationships with customers and people interested in your brand.
Here are some of our Email Marketing Campaign Management Features:

Ad Campaign Planning

Ad account auditing and setup

Ad Campaign Management and Optimization

Text & Banner Ad Remarketing

Ad campaign copywriting

Results Analysis/Reporting

Website Conversion Tracking

Time to Time effective Communication

Landing Page Designs

Effective Keyword Research

Competitor Campaign analysis

Detailed Reporting & Insights

Do You need Advertising Campaign Management service?


Let’s discuss your project’s goals, challenges, and requirements to craft a custom solution that helps your business thrive! Contact us to know more. 


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Frequently asked questions.

An advertising campaign is a specifically designed strategy that is carried out across different mediums in order to achieve desired results such as increased brand awareness, increased sales, and improved communication within a specific market. All of this is accomplished through advertising.

Many entrepreneurs think carrying out an advertising campaign means simply creating an ad. However, they are mistaken. For advertising to yield the best results, it’s crucial to be well-organized right from the start.

Social media advertising or paid social media is one of the most popular and effective digital marketing methods for boosting conversion rates.

Advertising on social media involves displaying paid social ads or sponsored content on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and TikTok, and targeting specific customer demographics.

Social networks advertising allows you to direct your campaigns to specific audiences by criteria, such as location, age, online behavior, interests and device use.

Unlike other online marketing initiatives, you only have to pay for the number of clicks or impressions your social ads get when you’re advertising through social media. This makes social advertising a high-ROI marketing strategy.

Paid social media advertising is one of the best ways to monetize the best social media platforms for a variety of business niches and ramp up your customer acquisition, conversion and retention rates.

According to a Marketing Experiments study, using the correct targeting approach can boost your conversion rates by up to 300 percent, and paid social media advertising can help you with that.

Before we do anything, we perform a complete competitive analysis to find where your customers are and which marketing channels present the most potential. At that point, we'll provide our recommendations and develop an action plan to launch.